Welcome to a mirror of the *BSD FAQ Site.

This Web Site is a mirror of the definitive home of the *BSD FAQ. The FAQ itself is currently in 10 volumes (marked 0 through 9) and is maintained in text format. This home page is currently intended to do nothing more that make the FAQ easier to find and use.

There is a Master Index in section 0. This index is created automatically by the same program that reformats the FAQ and renumbers all of the items.

For those of you that like to use your on-line search capability, the complete FAQ (every section, as of 1 Jan, 1997) is available (over 400K). Each of these sections is also available by anonymous FTP from here. In addition to the FAQ Pages below, there are 'diff' files from the previous version of the FAQ available as well.

For those of you that want some really in-depth (or really old) information, you can retrieve the old version of the FAQ from the old complete FAQ. This version is only available on-line, and isn't up for FTP.

There are 10 FAQ sections; each is listed below. The following items are out of date and should not be considered definitive. The following are related Frequently Asked Question lists for NetBSD: The following Frequently Asked Questions Lists are not yet available, but are planned for the future:
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