A little about Me

I was born in Iowa City, Iowa, and I have lived many places in the time between then and now. All of them happen to be on the North American continent, but that's about the only thing they have in common.

I like to go to new places, and I like learning new things. I am interested in computers (of course), fencing, dancing, martial arts, music, and many other things.

I am a computer geek, currently running NetBSD on my home computer. (A great way to learn a lot, quickly.) I am currently employed as a system administrator for the Iowa State University Office of Academic Information Technologies. Tracy is rather a silly person, and according to her friends, definitely strange, and is a computer geek-in-training. Also, those who have seen some of the stuff she's done have declared that she has too much time on her hands. "Actually this is a common misconception...I do *not* in fact have a lot of time on my hands at all! I just have a very very very very bad sense of priorities." --Dean Engelhardt