Gendalia is a wizard. As time has gone by, Gendalia has been declared the queen of the remote island of Menelos, which follows the major tenet (You're allowed) of Gendalia's favorite religion (Kibology).

The correct pronounciation of Gendalia is rather simple, if you don't follow standard English pronounciation rules... for the first syllable, at least. The 'g' in Gendalia is pronounced much like the 'g' in gun... and the rest of the name follows rather quickly.

It has been discovered that her name is actually Gendalia Olivia DeMenelos (check the initials: GOD) and that more and more people are starting to believe that Tracy Di Marco and Gendalia Olivia DeMenelos are the same person.

Although more and more people are starting to believe they are the same person, this is not true. Gendalia is 5'9" (175 cm) tall, with red/brown hair. She occupies her time as a wizard, and is helping Tracy write a spell-checker (don't *you* hate it when you make mistakes with your spells? I do.). She is most frequently (always?) seen wearing green, with a green necklace bestowed upon her by Wendylan.