Where Tracy has lived (in chronological order) (all in the USA unless otherwise stated):

(It's amazing what I'll do to procrastinate doing other things.)

  1. Iowa City, Iowa
  2. Mason City, Iowa
  3. Del Rio, Texas
  4. Ciudad Acuna, Mexico
  5. Mason City, Iowa
  6. Nevada, Iowa
  7. Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
  8. Terrace Bay, Ontario, Canada
  9. Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
  10. Azilda, Ontario, Canada
  11. Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada
  12. Kenorah, Ontario, Canada
  13. Mason City, Iowa
  14. Decorah, Iowa
  15. Boone, Iowa
  16. Somers, New York
  17. Ogden, Iowa
  18. New Haven, Connecticut
  19. New York City, New York (Greenwich Village, Manhattan, actually)
  20. Mason City, Iowa
  21. Ames, Iowa
  22. Boone, Iowa
  23. Mason City, Iowa
  24. Ames, Iowa